Special conditions for customers

1) Reservation rules

1.1 Subject to compliance with all the conditions defined by Resaprivée and/or the service provider (such as submitting to a verification procedure), you can reserve a Product offered on the Resaprivée Platform by following the appropriate reservation procedure.

All applicable charges, including the List Price, Security Deposit (if applicable), Guest Charges and any applicable Taxes (collectively, the “ Total Charges ”) will be disclosed to you prior to booking. You agree to pay the Total Fees for any reservation requested with your Resaprivée Account.

1.2 Upon receipt of a booking confirmation from Resaprivée, a legally binding agreement is established between you and your service provider, subject to the applicable additional conditions of the service provider, including in particular the applicable cancellation conditions and the rules and restrictions specified in the Announcement. Resaprivée recovers the total or partial Costs at the time of the reservation request or upon confirmation by the service provider in accordance with the Payment Conditions . For some reservations, customers may be required to pay or have the option of paying in installments.

1.3 En case of reservation of more than 20 people you can contact us by phone or via our e-mail.

2) Reservation of Experiences, Events and other Services offered by the Host

2.1 You should carefully read the description of any Experience, Event or other Service offered that you intend to book in order to verify that you (and other customers for whom you are booking) meet the conditions specified by the service provider in its Listing, such as the minimum age, ability, physical condition or otherwise. At your sole discretion, you may choose to notify the service provider of any medical or physical condition, or other circumstances that may prevent you or any additional customer from safely participating in any Experience, Event or other Service offered En addition, certain laws may apply, such as the legal drinking age in the country where the Experience, Event or other Service takes place.

2.2 Before and during an Experience, Event or other Service you must at all times follow the instructions of the service provider

2.3 You may not invite additional people to an Experience, Event or other Service offered if you have not added those people as additional customers during the booking process on the ResaPrivate Platform.

3) Reservation Changes, Cancellations and Refunds, Resolution Center

3.1 Service providers and customers are responsible for all booking changes that they make on the Resaprivée Platform or that they ask Resaprivée User Support to make (the " Booking Changes "), and accept to pay any additional Listed Prices, Provider Fees or Customer Fees and/or Taxes associated with such Booking Changes.

3.2 Customers may cancel a confirmed reservation at any time, subject to the cancellation conditions of the Listing defined by the service provider and Resaprivée will refund the amount of the Total Fees due to the customer in accordance with these cancellation conditions. Except in the event of extenuating circumstances, all amounts of the Total Charges due to the service provider under the applicable cancellation conditions will be paid to the service provider by Resaprivée in accordance with the Payment Conditions.

3.3 If a service provider cancels a confirmed booking, the customer will be fully refunded the Total Charges paid for that booking. In some cases, Resaprivée may allow the customer to apply the refund to a new reservation, in which case Resaprivée will credit the amount to the customer's subsequent reservation at the latter's request.

En addition, Resaprivée may publish an automatic comment on the Listing canceled by the service provider, indicating that a reservation has been cancelled. En addition, Resaprivée may mark the Advertisement as unavailable or block the dates corresponding to the canceled reservation, and/or apply cancellation fees, unless the service provider has a legitimate reason to cancel the reservation in accordance with the Charter relating to Resaprivée's extenuating circumstances or has legitimate concerns about the client's behavior.

3.4 For Experiences, Events and other Services offered if weather conditions present a risk to the safety of customers or prevent the service provider from providing the services the service providers may cancel the Service offered.

3.5 In certain cases, Resaprivée may cancel a reservation in progress or confirm on behalf of the service provider or the customer and make the appropriate refunds and payments.

Such cancellation may be decided for reasons set out in Resaprivée's Mitigating Circumstances Charter. When Resaprivée cancels a reservation. Resaprivée informs the members concerned and gives the reasons for this measure, unless this notification prevents or hinders the discovery or prevention of fraud or other illegal activities, harms the legitimate interests of other Members or third parties, or violates applicable law. . You can appeal this cancellation by contacting customer service.

4) Damage to services, Disputes between Members

4.1 En a guest, you are required to return the property (including any personal effects or other property in the room) in the condition in which you found it on arrival. You are responsible for your own actions and omissions and those of anyone you invite into the listing, or to whom you provide access excluding the Host (and people the Host invites into the listing, optionally).

4.2 At the level of other services, any dispute or damage, see the following section to know the consequences or you can call us customer service.